Monkey and Chicken

The Story of the Monkey and Chicken

Aloha and Greetings to all! My name is Monkey and I am, well, a monkey. (For some reason no one finds that funny.) I was born in a zoo in California, but one day a cargo ship made a wrong turn and I found myself stranded here in the middle of paradise. I love Hawaii, no matter where I go in the islands there is always something exciting to do and someplace new to explore. Surfing kayaking, eating, hiking, sightseeing, eating, relaxing on the beach, did I mention eating? Plus you gotta love a place where flip-flops are a must have fashion accessory!

I live near the shores of busy Waikiki Beach, but I visit the other islands often. Usually you can find me with me best friend, Chicken. That’s not her real name. Her real name is Honey Fried-Doodle  Pepper Princess Chickie O’Kay Baker Von Rooster, but that’s way too long, so Chicken it is! She’s originally from Kentucky, but has settled down here. She loves to surf and dance the hula (traditional Hawaiian dance). Sometimes she goes about dancing and playing with her other chicken friends. They all belong to a very well known halau (hula school) here on the islands.

One day, while sitting under my favorite palm tree, a visitor stopped by and asked me and Chicken if we would like to be featured on some greeting cards that were being designed for this new company, Hula Sistas Handmade Hawaiiana. Crazy idea, but I said yes and as you can see the rest is history. So, I guess that’s our story and how we got here. I’ve enjoyed sharing my story with you. Maybe one day we’ll help you share yours with someone else too.

Until then… Let’s Eat!